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Top 10 ways to maintain Jordan shoes?

Top 10 ways to maintain Jordan shoes?

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  Cheap Air Jordan 1

Air Jordan Shoes Daily Care

1. If your Air Jordan 1 is a suede upper or crystal bottom, it is recommended not to wear it in rainy days. The watermark on the suede is difficult to remove, and the crystal bottom will not look good when it is stained with water. If you have to wear it, you can consider using a waterproof spray or wearing it. Put on shoe covers.

2. If you are worried that the toe crease will not look good, you can buy a shoe shield to install it in. If you want to buy a shoe Air Jordan Sneakers shield, it is recommended to buy a half size.

3. Buy wet wipes for Cheap Jordan sneakers and bring one with you. If there are stains, it is best to deal with it as soon as possible. When you remember it in a few days, it may not be washed off.

4. If you are worried about the wear of the soles, buy Cheap Air Jordan 4 sneakers heel anti-wear stickers, buy a few more, because they will not be posted soon. (Whole palm sticking is not recommended) After that, I will talk about it separately, it is not recommended to buy whole palm sticking! First, the slip resistance will be compromised, and the second is expensive and unstable. You only need to buy a regular follow-up sticker. It is more convenient to buy a peel-and-stick type; because I have tried the kind of glue, there is no difference from the peel-and-stick type. It is better to buy a Air Jordan 3 few more. Tear it and paste it, and make up another one if it's a big deal.

5. If the crystal bottom is wet with water Air Jordan 6s, dry it as soon as possible, such as rubbing it on the carpet, stomping your feet to a dry place, or wiping it off with a paper towel (most of the bottom of AJ11, AJ1 chameleon, spiderman, little Dior, and most of AJ6). ).

6. In this area of ​​sneaker cleaning, you can buy a washing suit, use a soft brush for the upper, a hard brush for the sole, Air Jordan 11 Sale and use a neutral detergent for the knitted surface (similar to the adidas yeezy 350 series). Wipe dry with water; use foam cleaning agent for the leather surface (after washing, dry it in the shade, don’t expose it to the sun)

7. If you have foot odor or sweaty feet, you can buy some fragrant tablets, a pack of 100 tablets, and drop two after wearing them. Air Jordan 5 Shoes It can be used for several days, and one pack can be used for half a year. I don’t think any deodorant capsules have this. Easy to use.

8. After wearing the AJ5 shoes and returning home, fill the toe caps with original shoe supports or newspapers, which can effectively prevent and reduce the toe creases.

9. If the Air Jordan Retro 1 shoes are stained with oil, if you can find detergent around, it is recommended to quickly find detergent to deal with the oil stains. (It looks like you can buy a suede oil cleaner for suede shoe uppers. I haven't used it before. I don't know what to do.) The oil stains must be dealt with as soon as possible.

10. Suede leather (also called suede), shoes with a velvety texture. If there are stains, Air Jordan 12 Shoes you can buy a suede eraser. Basic stains can be wiped off.

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