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The Best Selling Air Jordan 34 combat evaluation White And Black Jordan Sneakers.

The Best Selling Air Jordan 34 combat evaluation White And Black Jordan Sneakers.

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  Cheap Air Jordan 4

1, appearance. To pay tribute to aj4, the material is very light and breathable visible to the naked eye, which is indeed the case. Propaganda is the lightest Air Jordan 34 basketball shoe, the fact is not, it can only be said that the shoe body is the lightest without the sole.Jordan 34 Basketball Shoes The first color matching and the one I bought are pretty good-looking, and there will definitely be a lot of color matching later.

2, the package. The shoe package is very good, but the arch of the foot is a place where some friends complained about burping. It is the position where the midsole is hollowed out. I put it on my feet, ok, but I also encountered hiccups. The reasons are as follows: the shoes are very light and thin,Air Jordan 34 so there is a large and thick material to lock the heel in order to stabilize the heel, and there is a piece of material and sole stitching Poor seams on shoes cause foot hiccups. I went to the counter to pick a triple pair before it was settled. It can be seen how poor the workmanship is.White Air jordan 34 The hot-melt part of the toe cap is a symbolic protection, in fact, there is no protection for the toes.

3, stability. I think this shoe is better than aj33 because it is lighter and has excellent protection. In particular, the tpu on the outside of the toe in the picture above can lock the forefoot very well,White And Black Jordan 34 and it will be a mess when it is sideways. With the normal widening of the sole angle, it has achieved a good anti-rollover. The red one on the inside of the forefoot is the place where it is easy to touch the ground when breaking through in disguise, and the place where the thin material is easy to break. This design is still very clever. The upper is so light and thin,Cheap Black Jordan 34 there is no support and protection. It all depends on the big heel design mentioned above. The hollow of the midsole is not like an arch bridge design.Cheap Air Jordan 34 This shape is undoubtedly very helpful in torsion resistance and stability. However, having a strong sense of presence just on the foot may affect the sense of venue. It will become fit after a long period of actual combat.

4, cushioning. The large zoom can be seen on the forefoot, not to mention the position and size are perfect. Nothing followed. At first I was more worried, after all,AJ34 Basketball Shoes I was a big weight. But in actual combat. As long as normal actions are fine. If you feel it, it's better than Harden San, and it's about the same as hd16.Jordan Sneakers 34 It's barely enough. If you have a high demand for cushioning, you can choose lbj17, the heels of strikers and defenders are ok.

5. Grip. The grip is good. I only hit the floor, no problem. The outfield should be fine.Air Jordans 34 However, the texture is too shallow, and it is likely not to wear.

6, this buckle has no practical effect. I can sew it a little bit.Nike Air Jordan 34 Many brothers have broken. I am okay at the moment because I fasten it to the top, otherwise the package will not be enough.

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