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The Best Selling Air Jordan 13 combat evaluation,Jordan 13 White And Red Jordan Sneakers.

The Best Selling Air Jordan 13 combat evaluation,Jordan 13 White And Red Jordan Sneakers.

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  Cheap Air Jordan 13

Air Jordan 13 is a good pair of well-known shoes. This "good" is not only reflected in its historical significance in the shoe circle, but also in its actual performance in the old generation of actual combat shoes. Among the early Air Jordan sneakers, the Air Jordan 13 is one of the few styles that have been loved by some combat parties so far. Abby and I both own the Air Jordan 13 and have actually played it. In today’s "Four-dimensional Shoe Review",

Air Jordan 13 materials

Very perfect leather upper stitching design, full texture and full face value, the toe will have wrinkling problems, but the severity is better than the Air Jordan 1, and the comfort of the Air Jordan 13 upper is still very straightforward, no Too much need to run-in. Abby here recommends tightening the shoelaces no matter in actual combat or pressing the road. The comfortable fit of the upper after tightening is really intoxicating.

Air Jordan 13 supplement: Although most of the leather on the Air Jordan 13 is not an absolutely advanced material, it still wins too much compared to the current upper materials on the market. The comfort on the feet of the Air Jordan 13 can be said to be the best in the early Air Jordans. The thick padding in the shoes makes it a kind of enjoyment every time you wear this pair of shoes.

Air Jordan 13 cushioning

The classic front and rear split palms Zoom, and this is also the configuration that often appears in Nike's previous generations of actual Ares shoes. In the past three years, the Air Jordan has been repeating this operation (Air Jordan 32~34). This configuration is among the NBA stars. The foot rate is also very high. This is probably the most comfortable configuration for breakthrough flow, because no matter the shock absorption effect or the feedback feeling, the Zoom air cushion of this size and the placement method can be well satisfied. The shock absorption capability of this pair of shoes is very good, the foot feels great, the cushioning limit is also very high, but the Zoom is a bit softer than my preference, which makes the original Air Jordan 13 with a thick midsole. It is inferior in terms of startup feedback, so the experience of dry pull and emergency stop is not good. However, this is only a poor sense of the venue, and this pair of shoes is still very good in terms of cushioning.

Air Jordan 13 supplement: The midsole configuration of Air Jordan 13 does provide quite good shock absorption protection, and I also agree with Abby’s view on the softness of the air cushion. These shoes (especially the heel) make me easy to appear after wearing for a long time. Foot soreness and other phenomena, the air cushion is a bit too soft for me. This is not entirely a bad thing, but it is not a big or small hidden danger for those who want to wear it for a long time.

Air Jordan 13 grip

The partitioned herringbone pattern is beautiful and practical. There is definitely no enhanced feedback in different directions, because the sole itself is a flat plate. However, the grip of this sole is not something to choose. Not only does it not slip during the game, but when I record songs in the studio, the soles of my feet are not slippery when I push the heavy soundproof door, so these shoes grip the ground here. There is no problem with full marks.

Air Jordan 13 supplement: The outsole of Air Jordan 13 imitates cat's claws, which is considered to be one of the early application cases of bionics in sneakers. The huge chassis and herringbone pattern combined form a generation of efficient grip, which provides stability both indoors and outdoors. A solid grip experience.

Air Jordan 13 package

Before the test, I was most worried about the package of this pair of shoes, but after the test, I found that the most comfortable package was the package (note that Abby’s evaluation shoes are half a yard smaller than the standard size). Here is a technique to share: when tying the shoelace, try to stick the heel back, and tighten the shoelace while sticking to the back, so as to maximize the wrapping feeling of the whole shoe. The leather stitching uppers of this pair of shoes bring the package to be really enjoyable. Excluding the package experience, it is better than Hyperdunk X. Refer to Air Jordan 32.

Four-dimensional supplement: Because my Air Jordan 13 did not buy a small half size, it was purchased according to the standard size. I encountered three problems in the actual combat: one is that the leather has a more obvious pressure on the instep when the forefoot is bent, and the other is that the heel will slip slightly without wearing thick basketball socks; The third is the overall internal length is relatively long. These three phenomena are not serious enough to make me think that the Air Jordan 13 cannot be used in normal combat, but I firmly believe that if you buy this pair of shoes for the main purpose of combat, buying a half size is worth serious consideration.

Air Jordan 13 support

Although the wrapping feel after tightening the laces is very comfortable, but maybe because there is no fly line, and the leather upper is relatively soft, the rigidity of the wrapping of this pair of shoes is still not ideal, and the feet may appear slightly when the sudden stop is relatively strong. The condition of the upper moving shoe, but overall the support and protection are not bad. The carbon plate in the midsole and the excellent anti-rollover design have almost improved its stability to a perfect level. I can't be stingy with such a design. The midsole stability of the Air Jordan 13 is absolutely top-notch among the actual combat shoes I have experienced. It is difficult to find examples where the midsole support is better than it. Although the upper support is not perfect, it is reasonable, and the level is close to the forefoot of Lebron 16. section.

Air Jordan 13 supplement: In my eyes, the Air Jordan 13 is a leader in stable shoes. As mentioned earlier, its huge chassis and cat's claw design make the stability of these shoes reach a historical level. Among the sneakers evaluated during the year, only Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 and adidas Harden Vol.1 gave me a similar level of chassis stability.

Air Jordan 13 wear-resistant

The texture of the sole looks very dense and thick, but the strength of the outsole rubber is not very high. After a few games, you will still see the signs of wear clearly. But even if it wears quickly, it is difficult to wear out such thick soles. Of course, it mainly depends on whether you are willing.

Air Jordan 13 supplement: As Abby said, the thickness of the Air Jordan 13's outsole is quite high, which can't be worn out in a short period of time. If you have a budget of over a thousand to find a pair of outfield combat shoes, this pair of shoes is by no means a bad choice.

Air Jordan 13 breathable

I believe that everyone will not have too much expectation in this respect without me saying that solid leather materials will inevitably bring about ventilation problems. From my feelings, if you compare its ventilation level with most modern basketball shoes fairly, it must be unqualified. But to my surprise, the vents on the tongues are really not decorations. Although it will be sultry if you wear to play or sit for a long time indoors, it will be sultry when you go out in the fall, or even play on a whim in the winter (refer to the outdoor temperature of 0 degrees). It will not be too hot to justify, and overall, the real breathability is approximately equal to Hyperdunk X.

Air Jordan 13 supplement: There is nothing to add on this point. These shoes are really hot for actual combat.

Air Jordan 13 summary

In general, even in the past so many years, the actual combat status of Air Jordan 13 is still very high. This is currently the only sneaker that I recognize actual combat performance among the old shoes (Abby wears relatively few old shoes, if you have any suggestions, you can discuss it. ). If it is required by the standards of modern combat shoes, combined with heavier weight, imperfect upper support, and a slightly lacking sense of space, this pair of shoes is difficult to achieve super-giant standards for breaking through the party, but for pitchers and insiders. It may have reached a super giant level. With solid configuration and materials plus classic design, this pair of shoes is worthy of being called a classic even if you don't consider emotional factors. It is not an exaggeration to call it the "classical god of war"!

Air Jordan 13 supplement: Abby mentioned that this pair of shoes may have reached a super giant level for pitchers. As a pitcher, I have a neutral attitude: The stability of Air Jordan 13 is indeed precious to my style of play, but it is not smooth enough. The transition between the front and rear palms and the package issues I encountered made me hesitate to regard it as a super giant in sneakers. But even if it is not, it is definitely a good pair of shoes. Can the Air Jordan 13 play? can! Not only it can, it is also a pair of practical shoes with a good experience. But if I have other options (such as Kobe 1 Protro), will I still choose it? At least I wouldn't.

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