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The Best Jordan Shoes For Air Jordan 4 Factory Outlet

The Best Jordan Shoes For Air Jordan 4 Factory Outlet

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  Cheap Air Jordan 4

Air Jordan 4 "OG"

2019 is the 30th anniversary of the birth of Air Jordan 4. This topic has been mentioned at the end of last year, and at the beginning of 2019, many people may have a lot of longing, because in recent years, Jordan Retro has experienced unprecedented greatness in China. Hot, shoe models represented by AJ1, AJ11, etc., have merged into the trend market from the stadium, leading to a wave of retro sneakers on the street. But when people began to get tired of aesthetics, and there were too many crazy stories that happened this year, this topical 30th anniversary sneaker was forgotten by everyone. But as a basketball shoe that subverted the entire sneaker ecology and reshaped the Air Jordan brand 30 years ago, it deserves an article to commemorate.


"THE SHOT" mentioned the classic memory of AJ4. Most people will immediately think of the 1989 playoffs against the Cavaliers G5 game. When the game is about to end, Jordan hit the famous "The Shot" with the sky-defying ability to stay in the air. Lore ball. Once the Air Jordan 4 was launched, it can be said to promote the development of the entire basketball shoe product, and at the same time establish the concept of the Jordan series brand. Starting with the Air Jordan 4, this series finally has a real soul.


  • 1 Symbolizes the establishment of Jordan's flying concept

Designer Tinker Hatfield first proposed the concept of defender sneakers in the Air Jordan 4 design. Air Jordan 4 is also complementary to the Flight series released at the same time. It is the only pair of Air Jordan basketball shoes (on the tongue) that has the word Flight. Flight symbolizes flight, which is exactly in line with the playing style of the helper to fly to the sky and escape. Its design concept is fully integrated into the design of the Air Jordan series, which makes it develop in the direction of light weight and speed, and this kind of flying spirit Has been deeply integrated into the soul of the Air Jordan series.

  • 2 Lightweight and other performance improvements

Before the advent of Air Jordan4, basketball shoes have always appeared in front of people with a heavy image, but the innovative design of AJ4-combining nylon and leather for the first time. The mesh material that only appeared on running shoes in the past appeared on basketball shoes for the first time, which not only greatly reduced the weight of the shoes, but also made a qualitative change in the breathability of basketball shoes. The flexibility of the mesh material also greatly improves the stretchability of AirJordan 4, and the auxiliary effect for the athlete's direction change and start is significantly improved, and this shoe adds a fixing device extending from the upper to the upper. , Connected with the shoelace to enhance the supporting effect of the shoe.

  • 3 The exposed air cushion unit is full of technological content

Although the air cushion unit design with external louvers has been used since Air Jordan 3, it was already the cushioning technology with the best cushioning effect at the time. Air Jordan 4 continues to use the exposed back of the air cushion, the configuration has not been changed much, and still maintains the front and rear separate sole configuration. The interior of the shoe uses a high-durability material urabuck, which combines comfort and durability.

  • 4 Excellent appearance design

In addition to its landmark revolutionary significance and outstanding performance, its design is also unique. The huge shoe handle is the logo of Air Jordan 4, and the reverse Air Jordan label on the tongue is the finishing touch. From Zoom LeBron 2, AirJordan 00 or Jumpman BigFund, we can find the classic outsole upturn design. This design has become a logo and is used on the most gorgeous basketball shoes.


For the JORDAN brand, I don’t want to let go of the hype and money attribute of such a landmark sneaker, so it has launched a lot of Air Jordan 4 items in the past year, and many of them are tribute to the OG version. Come back, there are also exclusive creations for festivals and hot events, as well as the use of new materials... Then let's take a look at which pairs of Air Jordan 4 that has bought this year, which I think I must enter!

2019 re-enacted classic OG color AJ4 Bred family portrait

Bear the brunt of this classic OG re-enactment-Air Jordan 4 Retro Bred. This is the second pair of Jordan shoes with this color after the AJ1 "BRED". Since then, several BRED color-matching shoes of Air Jordan have become the fetish of fans and fans, and they are mentioned today. Black and red, forbidden to wear and other words, you can feel the strong flavor of OG first year. As the name implies, BRED = BLACK + RED, derived from the classic jersey color scheme of the Chicago Bulls, and is also the most classic color scheme in Air Jordan history. Air Jordan 4 Bred has spanned 30 years and has been released for 5 times. It is not surprising that this year's reissue has been dubbed the "first reissue of the first year."


Speaking of the re-enactment of the first year, it is actually a cliché. It is so simple to want to be named by this name! All you need is a Nike AIR Logo heel! OMG! (Here is automatically associated with Li Jiaqi’s voice) Is this really the highlight of this pair of shoes? !


In my opinion, this "brightest" highlight is not an absolute reason for my purchase, but just a part of the brand's feelings. But having said that, the appearance of this pair of shoes is definitely too good. Although it is a pair of classic retro shoes from 30 years ago, it is shocking that it still has an outdated shape and temperament, which is a bit powerful! In this re-engraving, there are several upgrades as a whole: the shoe upper uses the popular synthetic leather to replace the two-layer nubuck leather; the grid connecting the tongue is changed to a separate two-layer design, which avoids the appearance of grid in previous re-engravings. The problem of cracking of the net. The TPU triangle support on the shoe body is also made of soft rubber material, and the cut surface treatment is smoother. In addition, the insole of this pair of shoes is similar to the insole of the black and red Air Jordan 6 "Infrared" that was re-engraved at the beginning of the year. It is made of silicone-like material, which improves the feeling of wearing to a certain extent. Finally, in terms of sneaker workmanship, it also smashed the level of last year's Concord, so that the classic did not become a fright.

Air Jordan 4 COOL GREY is also called "Cool Gray" and "Grey Mouse", and it is also known as the name of helping the owner wear color matching and is sought after. This year is the first time it was reissued after 15 years after its first release in 2004, and the release in July and August coincided with the "rushing to the sun" that has not been encountered in a century, so the popularity is quite bursting for a while.

After 15 years, AJ4 Cool Grey has been reissued again


At first glance, the use of black, white, and gray to make the shoe body is very common, but the so-called "premium gray" is to deduce this cool color to a high-level texture: the fine texture of gray suede suede upper is paired with a vibrant yellow ( The "Flight" tongue label and the inverted AIR JORDAN label on the inner side, the sole and the visible air cushion, etc.), the silver Jumpman Logo on the heel and the metallic shoelace buckle perfectly present the neat visual experience of the whole pair of shoes. Simple and versatile upper foot effect, a must-have item for home travel! With the end of the "rush to the sun", the price has gradually dropped, and friends who like it can consider starting!


As the "jumping dragon" color scheme, the Air Jordan 4 NRG "Raptors", which will be released for sale last year, was frequently exposed. It was originally an exclusive color scheme for Drake, using Drake's favorite color scheme of the Toronto Raptors representative. However, due to various reasons, the exclusive version was cancelled from the market, but the details were changed to bring a pair of commercially available "simplified" versions. But just in the early morning of June 3 this year, the NBA Finals was in full swing, and the Toronto Raptors were vigorously winning the first round of time. SNKRS in the US released the Air Jordan 4 NRG "Raptors" raid sale. It makes people suspect that last year's NBA championship has been "internally determined" by the Raptors!


Unlike the simplified version brought last year, this raid is the original design version of the exclusive version of Drake. The black trapeze logo is changed to purple, and Drake's own signature embroidery is displayed under the trapeze, highlighting Drake's exclusive joint identity. The overall appearance has not been particularly changed. It still uses the iconic Toronto Raptors classic black-purple red color scheme, with a midsole splash ink design, which is very low-key and luxurious. Excluding sentimental factors, I think this pair of AJ4s is my favorite pair this year. From color matching to sneaker materials and workmanship to the form of sale, it highlights an exclusive conscience model created for hot events, and the starting price may be low. The commercially available version last year!


"Sky Price" Eminem Air Jordan 4 "Encore"

Debut is the pinnacle, talking about these Air Jordan 4 WNTR "Loyal Blue". The Eminem joint name, which resembles the sky-high price, is its strongest endorsement. It really seems that apart from the slight color difference, it basically "imitates" the color scheme of the sky-high price, "Little Eminem" is worthy of its name!


Super thick sneaker lining

Except for the superstar halo that comes with this pair of shoes, the WNTR letter on the shoe box also has a special meaning. When winter is approaching, Jordan Brand relaunched the WNTR winter series. Following the launch of the cool black Air Jordan 12 WNTR last winter, this latest pair of Air Jordan 4 WNTR "Loyal Blue" is also a pair of sneakers specially made for winter. So its biggest feature is "thickness"! The inner lining of sneakers is blessed with materials similar to towels, which brings a warm wearing feeling from the visual experience compared with the ordinary version.

The shoe body is made of soft and delicate blue leather with a black off-white midsole, and the tongue lining is embellished with hot red. The visual performance is boring and the texture is extraordinary! The iconic grid element of Air Jordan 4 is changed to perforated hard leather, which not only retains the classic design, but also retains the temperature. The outstanding texture and the calm effect on the feet are very suitable for the younger Sneaker (yes, it’s me!). The face value is online and extremely warm, it is undoubtedly an excellent choice for autumn and winter.

"What The" SB Dunk Low

Whether it was the previous SB Dunk or LeBron series, they have all sold amazing What The colors. As the finale of the 30th anniversary of Air Jordan 4, Jordan Brand brings its first pair of sneakers, Air Jordan 4 Retro "What The" with the color scheme named What The.


The whole pair of shoes combines the core elements of Air Jordan 4 white cement, Fire Red, Military Blue and many other classic color schemes: different from the dazzling color of the previous What The color scheme, white is used as the main tone of the shoe body, and the visual experience is relatively refreshing. In the tongue, heel, midsole, inner lining, support buckle and other details, the elements of a variety of classic color schemes are presented in an asymmetric manner. Combining great achievements, buying one pair is equivalent to owning several pairs. It should be the most "cost-effective" AJ4 this year!


Finally, I would like to mention a pair of Air Jordan 4 with the most special material this year. After the woven versions of AJ1, AJ3, and AJ6 were successively introduced, how could there be a lack of a pair of woven versions of Air Jordan 4 Retro Flyknit for the 30th anniversary. I already brought this pair of woven AJ4 out of the box at the time of sale. Interested friends can check out our shop. The new attempt is good, and the colors are hard to say. If WNTR is a special winter edition, then FLYKNIT is specially built for summer. After all, between temperature and grace, Jordan will consider it for you!


Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 Family and Friends Only

In fact, if you count all the AJ4 shoes on sale this year, none of them are co-branded with the hot IP. At such a milestone time node, if there is a large amount of traffic, such as Travis Scott, who has been co-branded with AJ4 before, think about it as a family and friend version to pay tribute to the 30th anniversary of a large-scale market, maybe there will be a competition year." The strength of the "Shoe King"! But this situation did not happen. Regarding Jordan Brand OG Retro shoes, what we talk about the most is feelings. If this feeling is true, then it will not be engulfed by other things. Perhaps it is a small fortune. Let those who like it continue to fall in love with this purity. .


OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 5

However, it seems that Jordan Brand is not satisfied with the performance of this year's Air Jordan 4. The most important joint name OW x AJ5 has exposed the physical map and the volume. I don’t know if this signal indicates that Jordan Brand will invest a lot of resources in Air Jordan 5 next year, which will really push Retro sneakers to a new level. , Still do not worry about selling, it seems that the feeling card can continue to play!

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