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Buy Cheap Air Jordan 11 "72-10" Unboxing Review Basketball Shoes

Buy Cheap Air Jordan 11 "72-10" Unboxing Review Basketball Shoes

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  Cheap Air Jordan 11

In the most glorious era of the Bulls, Jordan led the team to win the championship with a 72-10 record in the 1995-1996 season. To commemorate this classic moment, Jordan Brand launched the Air Jordan 11 "72-10" on the occasion of its 30th anniversary.

AJ 11 is one of the most classic styles in the AJ series. Its biggest feature is the patent leather design around the upper. This is also the last generation of trapeze boots that use Air Sole cushions. The full-length carbon fiber board added to the sole has strong torsion resistance and good practicability.

The AJ 11 box is still different from other authentic boxes, and the design is more attentive. The background color is black, and the upper part of the box is a big "23", which is Jordan's number. At the bottom is the Jumpman Logo and the Jumpman that can be seen only by the vertical. Opening the box is a lid made of plastic with Roman numeral XI printed on it, which means the 11th generation. Moisture-proof paper is not an ordinary design, but imitates the texture of the carbon plate of the sole. After removing the packaging, the main body of the shoe is the black AJ 11.

The Jordan 11 shoe body is made of black high-quality leather and smooth patent leather, highlighting a unique luxurious texture. The white midsole and translucent rubber outsole are low-key and full of personality. The number 23 on the heel was previously printed. This time, it has been changed to more delicate embroidery. The trapeze logo on the upper has also changed from embroidery to a metal brand. The handling of these details is unforgettable.

  • Air Jordan 11 upper foot surface

The black upper is made of patent leather and lychee grain leather,Jordan 11 which is full of texture. The trapeze logo is embroidered on the tongue, and the numbers "72" and "10" are printed on the head of the shoelace.

  • Air Jordan 11 Retro top side

The classic aj 11 decoration is a simple black upper and white outsole.Jordan 11 The laces are made of suede, and the red Jumpman logo on the upper is unique.

  • Air Jordan 11 Retro upper heel

With different materials from top to bottom, the heel is full of layers, Jordan 11 and the embroidery of No. 23 is very delicate.

  • Jordan 11 Retro comfort

The material of this pair of shoes is very particular. The midsole is made of thick foam material. Adopt 3/4 Air-Sole Air cushion, the upper foot is soft and comfortable.

The soft lychee pattern and patent leather material ensure the complete flexibility of the upper and the non-binding force of the upper.Air Jordan 11 Retro Shoes However, the breathability of leather uppers still does not give people much expectations, very stuffy.

The weight of a single shoe is 487g, the upper foot is not significantly heavy, and the weight is moderate.

  • Air Jordan 11 Jordan Sneakers package and support

Leather upper, no need to worry about support. Air Jordan 11 Retro The surrounding patent leather provides excellent support and stability.

The interior of the mid-to-high shoes is designed with a soft sponge, which provides a very tightly wrapped environment. In the breakthrough, the foot has been deformed and the heel is always in a very stable state, giving strong support to the ankle.

The suede material shoelace hole, after the shoelace is fixed, the suede material can drive the upper to tightly cover the instep, bringing an outstanding sense of wrapping.

  • AJ 11 Basketball Shoes Grip and durability

The front and back palms are made of solid rubber, which provides a herringbone pattern with special grip. The semi-transparent rubber material adopts water wave texture design, AJ11 Jordan Sneakers which can provide multi-angle and all-round traction.

The translucent outsole is a bit weak in abrasion resistance. Fortunately, it has a certain thickness and can withstand the test for a long time. You can rest assured in terms of abrasion resistance.

  • Black Jordan 11 Shoes cushioning performance

Equipped with 3/4 Air Sole air cushion, the cushioning is very good. The soft foam in the midsole also brings a rich foot feel.

When running, you can see the compression and rebound of the sole. Although it is not intuitive to the naked eye,Basketball Shoes Jordan 11 you can feel the obvious softness and elasticity from the sole.

When landing after taking off, the weight of the whole body is concentrated on the feet. When the front sole touches the ground to the full palm landing, you can experience the complete release of body pressure, which has an excellent cushioning effect.

  • The Black White Jordan 11 Shoes size

The size of shoes commonly worn for testing knitted fabrics is 41 and 42, while the size of shoes for upper foot testing is 42. The upper foot is a bit loose.

As a popular shoe,Jordan 11 "72-10" not only has a large volume, but the price is not low. This pair of big devil's models are highly restored.

The use of high-quality lychee leather and patent leather not only enhances the texture of the Air Jordan 11 shoes, but also provides full tolerance and support.

In terms of cushioning, it also has excellent performance, which can bring a very comfortable experience during exercise.

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